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Advanced Light Devices

Harnessing the healing power of light

Advanced Light Devices develops high-tech laser devices and phototherapy tools for medical applications, including Class III and Class IV laser models. ALD supplements its devices with liposomal, topical, and oral treatment mediums.

ALD devices are used by physicians, podiatrists, veterinarians, chiropractors, sports therapists and other medical professionals to address an array of health problems, from everyday ailments like asthma and arthritis to serious infections like pneumonia and treatment-resistant afflictions like chronic and acute pain and cancer.

ALD devices provide the medical professional with cutting-edge tools to properly locate target tissues and apply treatments, ensuring a positive outcome for patients and a cost-effective clinic bottom line.

ALD Multilumen

The ALD MultiLumen can generate a significant amount of photonic energy to power a broad array of light-based therapeutic tools, each of which can be adjusted in resolution to treat a variety of medical conditions, from injuries and joint disorders to arthritis and neuropathy.

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